Pac-Man Goes Live-Action With Help Of 'Sonic The Hedgehog' Movie Producer

Pac-Man Goes Live-Action With Help Of ‘Sonic The Hedgehog’ Movie Producer

If you are a big fan of the recent adaptations of video games onto the big screen, the following news will be more cause for celebration. Beloved chomper and maze runner Pac-Man will be getting its own live-action movie, and it is being brought to life by Sonic the Hedgehog producer, Chuck Williams.

As reported by The Hollywood Reporter, Bandai Namco Entertainment is behind this push to bring the character to the theatres, together with Wayfarer Studios. It will be interesting to see just what form that will take. If you have watched the 2015 film Pixels, having Pac-Man onscreen usually sees some manner of eating, whether it be pellets or other characters.

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Pac-Man World: Re-Pac

How that will translate into a full movie remains to be seen, but the status of Pac-Man as one of gaming’s icons is certainly a good foundation to build on. A coin-operated staple in the arcades, the success of Pac-Man has remained even in modern times, with Pac-Man World: Re-Pac set to arrive later this month.

Perhaps the movie will go the route of several cartoons that have already seen success, like the Hanna-Barbera classic, Pac-Man, which made its debut in 1982 on the ABC network, or Disney XD’s Pac-Man and the Ghostly Adventures in 2013.

Along with Williams, Justin Baldoni, Manu Gargi, and Andrew Calof of Wayfarer Studios and Tim Kwok of Lightbeam will be joining as producers.