Rare Oreo x Pokémon Cookies Are Selling For Over US$13,300 On eBay

When Oreo first announced the limited edition sandwich cookies with Pokémon characters, its popularity was all but confirmed.

The Oreo x Pokémon collaboration seems designed to tap into the fanaticism of pop culture consumerist habits. The faces of 16 Pokémon characters will be featured on the sandwich cookies. But, buyers will only get a random assortment of 15 Pokémon characters with each package, with the legendary Mew being a rare cookie that may only appear after opening several packages.

Given how Pokémon is a series that appeals greatly to collectors, it comes as no surprise that there are already listings for the Mew Oreo up on eBay for a wide range of prices. While in 2020, prices of Pokémon trading cards did spike due to demand outstripping supply and the collection craze having a comeback, trading cards can last and be displayed easily for a long time. Oreos have a shelf life of less than a month.

The prices on the listing range from US$20 to US$500 and even up to US$15,000. Based on the items listed as ‘sold’, quite a few cookies were bought for US$300 and US$500, with one having sold for US$13,300. Oreos may be edible, but they are no rare candy, so many of these prices do come off as ridiculous.

This collection craze is par for the course when it comes to Pokémon, but given that the cookies are perishables with highly limited shelf life, this is definitely one of the crazier Pokémon fads.