Okamoto Condoms Are Now A Battle Anime Series

If you want to properly promote safe sex, you’ve got to take your audience by the balls and do a god job at it. In this case, why not make a full-on battle anime to spread the word?

Okamoto Industries, the Japanese company best known for making condoms, has done exactly that, with a new anime series centering around – you guessed it – condoms. Dubbed Condom Battler Goro, this Pokémon, Dragonball Z and Yu-Gi-Oh! mashup follows the story of 24-year-old Goro, who teams up with his friends to spread the word to the masses about the importance of wearing these rubberised contraceptives.

Like any battle anime, Condom Battler Goro is borderline bonkers. Goro and his friends put on massive condoms that will give them suits of rubberised armour to battle their foes. A ton of condom-like imagery is used in every episode, even including a condom-domed stadium. And what’s more hilarious is that every episode ends with a “To Be Condom”, instead of the traditional “To Be Continued” message.

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The anime is slated to run for 56 episodes, though only four episodes (bizzarely, episoes 1, 19, 45, and 56) have only been released on Okamoto’s YouTube channel. More episodes are due to release soon.

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