Official Launch Of Sega Genesis Mini In Southeast Asia Announced With Pricing Details

It’s time to go back in time with the Sega Genesis Mini, as the retro console hits Southeast Asian markets on September, 19, 2019 – the same time as the rest of the world.

Sega Genesis Mini (Southeast Asia)

Following the launch of a US, Europe, and Japanese iteration for selected regions, Sega has announced yet another version, this time for their Southeast Asian counterparts. All 5 countries listed below are set to receive the Sega Genesis Mini variation, which will come with two USB-connected controllers of the classic three-button layout. The package comes with an HDMI and USB power cable (excludes power adaptor).

The console, priced at US$79.90 in the States, will be released at S$119.90 in Singapore, with various price points across the of 4 different countries as follows:

  • Malaysia: 359 MYR
  • Thailand: 3,390 THB
  • Indonesia: 1,499,000 IDR
  • Philippines: 4,590 PHP

As for the complete games list, fans of the retro genre can look forward to a whole slew of 42 classic titles that include:

Pre-orders for the Sega Genesis Mini are now available at all partner retail outlets in Southeast Asia, while online pre-orders will only go live closer to the date of launch.

For Singapore, the consoles may be found at these storefronts: GameXtreme, PLAYe, RPG, GameMartz, TOG, Game Resort, Generation Games, GameWerks, and Qisahn.

Meanwhile, individuals based in the Philippines can head over to Datablitz, iTech / Game one, and Gameline for pre-orders. Indonesia, Thailand, and Malaysia are set to welcome the console in the form of PS Enterprise, Nadz, and Impulse Gaming respectively as well.

A retail price of S$119.90 for 42 classic games does make for quite the deal, especially with some well-loved titles on the list. Should the decision-making process for keen individuals prove to be difficult, here’s a quick guide to everything Genesis Mini, from the differences across each version to the ultimate question of “Is it worth buying?”.