Nintendo Targets 2024 For Switch Console Successor

Nintendo’s New Official Distributor In Malaysia Is Convergent Distribution

Following in the footsteps of their causeway neighbours, Convergent Distribution has been picked as Malaysia’s official distributor for Nintendo, a switch that has raised a lot of eyebrows.


Avid Nintendo fans and gamers would know that Maxsoft has been Nintendo’s official distributor for over two decades. So where does Maxsoft go from here? Like Singapore, it looks like both are Nintendo distributors.

So far, it seems like nothing much has changed for the distributor. Consumers can still purchase their consoles from Lazada or Shopee, and opt for a Maxsoft set, where they are still being labelled as a local supplier.

That said, Convergent Distribution has announced that they will be taking over the two Nintendo Official Stores for Malaysia on Lazada and Shopee. The products listed are similar in price and variety, so nothing too glaring for customers to jump onto.

At this point, it seems like Convergent’s involvement with Nintendo has potential upsides for their Malaysian consumers. They have committed to providing local warranties via the Nintendo Authorised Service Center located in Kuala Lumpur, which could mean speedier and more efficient customer service. What’s more, the company even told gamers to keep an eye out for new promotions, game launches, and Trial Play events at major malls across the country. While it is still early days, it seems like Convergent has big plans for Nintendo in Malaysia.

Could this foreshadow a bigger, more concerted effort to expand Nintendo’s presence in Malaysia? At the end of the day, the customer is king, and they will always look for the cheapest deals out there. Nonetheless, look out for a Convergent sticker on your new Nintendo Switch, that covers you with a nice local warranty.