Nintendo Labo VR Kit To Support Breath of the Wild And Super Mario Odyssey

Nintendo just announced via Twitter that two of their biggest games on the Nintendo Switch will soon be playable using their new cardboard Nintendo Labo VR kitThe Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, and Super Mario Odyssey.

While only a small bonus mode will be playable in VR on Super Mario Odyssey, it seems that Breath of the Wild will be fully playable on the Nintendo Labo VR kit, which is frankly impressive.

Players will be able to use any of their existing save files to enjoy the game in VR. All they have to do is build up the cardboard headset first. Then, as with any other item in the Labo kit, players just have to go to the options screen in-game and toggle “On” for the Toy-Con VR Goggles option.

For those who are unaware, Nintendo announced that they will be releasing a series of cardboard peripherals designed to work with the Nintendo Switch, you can build various contraptions based on the kit you bought. The latest kit to be released is the Labo VR kit. Also, if you require another cardboard item to keep all your other cardboard items, there is always the Nintendo Labo Okatazuke.

The VR modes will arrive in free updates to each game from April 25th, while the headset will be released on April 12th, and will be priced at US$39.99 for the base kit.