New Nike Unite Concept Store Opens At IMM In Singapore

Tucked in the far west of Singapore, Nike’s brand new retail experience, Nike Unite, has replaced its original factory outlet store.

Spanning 18,000 square feet, the store, located at IMM, is the first of its kind in Southeast Asia. As with such firsts, there’s quite a bit for customers to look forward to as well.

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First up we have Nike’s new tech-enabled shoe fitting service dubbed “NikeFit”.

All you need to do is stand on the board and the staff in-store will assist customers with their shoe measurements.

With a quick snap of the phone, you’d receive your show size in a moment of seconds. The best part would be having to save personal shoe sizes within your Nike app itself.

“Sizes” here varies because depending on the shoe model, Nike would recommend for customers to get a half-size larger or smaller for the ideal fit. This makes shoe shopping a seamless process without minimal guesswork.

With the expanded store, Nike caters more floor space to the ladies as well.

The new Nike Unite store also offers a personalized bra-fitting service for the ladies to ensure that female patrons would be able to get the right gear for their preferred exercise activity. Customers are encouraged to go through a variety of tests to ensure that their purchase is perfect for their use. Plus, this is all done in the privacy and comfort of a dedicated changing area.

Next up, we have a dedicated Nike tee printing area right at the entrance. With a variety of options to choose from, most of the designs are focusing on heritage logos from Nike’s stable of brands.

Depending on where your preferences lie, there’s bound to be an iconic logo to pick!

Customers have the option to have the tee printed on either a black or white base (S$47 for 2 prints, front and back). However, if logos are not your thing, there’s the option of having your name and number printed on the tee akin to a football jersey.

Interestingly, over the years country name prints for Nike tees seem to have grown in popularity. While this newest Nike Unite store is based in Singapore, you’re able to pick up tees for Malaysia and India as well. We’re guessing that because it’s Singapore, being efficient and picking up souvenirs all in one place for multiple countries is the highlight here.

Though the name change might be something new for consumers to adapt to, the Nike Unite store still sticks to its roots. Prices here are still slightly more affordable compared to the usual range we see on their app. Just don’t expect the latest and greatest drops to be found here.

The store is now open to the general public.