New Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis introduces Loot Boxes And We’re Not Quite Sold

Bringing together the entire extended universe of Final Fantasy VII, the recently announced mobile compilation Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis is going to introduce loot boxes.

In an interview with Famitsu, creative director Tetsuya Nomura of Square Enix confirmed that loot boxes are a thing in the upcoming mobile game.

Loot boxes are basically consumable virtual items that can be redeemed to obtain a randomized selection of item or loot for the game. In Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis‘s case, Nomura told Famitsu that these loot boxes will contain random weapons and costumes that were not in the original games. This might spice things up a little for fans of the franchise.

While the game will be free, loot boxes are a lucrative way for game developers to monetize their games and this is nothing new for Square Enix. They have done so in many of their titles such as Mobius Final Fantasy and Final Fantasy Brave Exvius. Square Enix seems to be exploring and expanding their ways of monetization, like its recent investment in NFTs.

Loot boxes often change the entire gaming experience for players, and it isn’t pleasant in general. Nobody wants to buy their way to get an upgrade from the Buster Sword or get better Materia. Whether these loot boxes will affect the gameplay negatively or cost a fortune though, we will only find out when the game’s released in 2022.

We can only hope paying to win isn’t the direction Final Fantasy VII: Ever Crisis is taking.