‘Neko Atsume 2’ Lands On App Store Summer 2024

It’s been ten years since Neko Atsume, the adorable cat collecting game made its presence known on the App Store and Google Play store, and it has charmed the hearts of players worldwide. Ten years later, Neko Atsume 2 will finally be released in Summer 2024.

neko atsume 2

What’s unique about the game is that the cats that visit will only do so when you close the app, and you’ll return to a yard full of kitties. All you have to do is purchase toys or food for the adorable cats using in-game currency (fish), and then you can sit back and relax.

neko atsume 2

Various cats will visit your in-game yard where you can take pictures of them, and leave fish if they loved what you put out. It’s easy to see why the game inspired a live-action movie, and even has a merchandise store.

With Neko Atsume 2’s release, more focus has been placed on the development of the game, resulting in updates for the first game being delayed. While the first game will continue to be supported by its developers, it will not get timely updates as frequently as the second game.