Murder at Mandai Camp: The Case Reopens Is Asia’s First-Ever Virtual Mystery Escape Room Set In Singapore

For the average Singaporean, partaking in escape rooms has always been staple in a typical weekend outing… until the pandemic, that is. Fortunately, those who have been craving for such an experience and haven’t had it for the past few months can look forward to Murder at Mandai Camp: The Case Reopens by local theatre company Sight Lines Entertainment.

Written and directed by award-winning playwright Chong Tze Chien, this virtual horror-mystery escape room with live-action gameplay – the first in Singapore and in Asia – invites audiences to try their hand at solving a hair-raising case about a deceased National Serviceman who was, well, murdered in Mandai Camp.

One sitting of the experience will run for approximately 90 minutes online at thefuturestage.com (there’s actually a free demo that you can try out right now too). During the duration of the show, audiences will be active participants in a choose-your-own-adventure-style narrative, and will have to uncover the culprit by unearthing physical evidence, as well as watching recorded footages and witnessing flashbacks from those involved. Meanwhile, they’ll be treated to 360-degree views and immersive sound thanks to the implementation of Spatial Audio by Stereoimage Studios for a much more engaging experience.

Joining audiences as the main cast includes Benjamin Kheng, who plays CID Officer Lemuel Ng, Irsyad Dawood (Recruit Ilhan Rozells), Bright Ong (Recruit Tan Chee Meng), OIC Lieutenant Haziq (Erwin Shah Ismail), and Ronald Goh (Captain Ronald). Though Murder in Mandai Camp is actually a sequel to Mandai Camp: A Supernatural Murder Mystery, audiences can treat this experience as a standalone experience, and will be given context as to what happened prior to this storyline.

In addition to the virtual theatrics, Sight Lines Entertainment is actually hosting a Mystery Draw that lets participants who successfully uncover the culprit behind the death of REC Ilhan Rozells stand a chance to win S$1,000. The Mystery Draw will run for the duration of the show between 22 December to 2 January 2021, so participants have ample time to take part in it.

Folks who are keen on taking part in Murder at Mandai Camp with a bit of a sweet alcoholic kick can indulge in two bottled cocktails made by local cocktail institution Ah Sam Cold Drink Stall. The two 250ml drinks include the fruity, orchid-infused The Scent of Plumeria and the chocolate and charcoal-infused Pisang Noir, which are now available for pre-order at 2-pax (S$75) and 4-pax (S$130) bundles.

Each bundle also comes with an official clue (sent via email) to give participants an added edge in the investigations.

Murder at Mandai Camp: The Case Reopens will run from 22 December 2020 to 2 January 2021. Ticket sales are available now via SISTIC.