Mobile Legends: Bang Bang Adds Transformers Skins In Limited Event

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang is one of the most popular competitive mobile games currently. Transformers is one of the most popular media franchises today, with new toys and films being released consistently, much to the fans’ delight.

Now, the Autobots get to fight with and against the heroes of the Land of Dawn. As part of the Transformers: Battle Paint event, players can redeem epic skins, avatar frames, expressions, and effects.

Players can obtain all those dazzling cosmetics by collecting Sprays through the event, with the first wave of items already out from now till 10 September 2021. After which, more in-game items will be released as the second wave of this collaboration.

Unlock these three special skins now –
Johnson – Optimus Prime (Epic)
Granger – Megatron (Epic)
X. Borg – Bumblebee (Epic)

They will be available from now till 22 November 2021.