Mike Colter Returns To Headline ‘Plane’ Sequel, ‘Ship’

With the ending of Plane all but set up for a sequel, it’s no surprise that the movie has returned for an action-packed adventure on the high seas titled Ship, with Mike Colter’s character Gaspare in the spotlight this time.

The nautical film, helmed by executive producer Jean-François Richet  — who has directed several action thrillers  — is currently in development. MadRiver Pictures, Di Bonaventura Pictures and G-BASE Productions will also continue to be attached to the project.

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Mike Colter, who you might recognise as having played Luke Cage in Marvel TV shows, will return as the film’s lead. Ship delves into his character Gaspare’s quest to take down a smuggling ring as a stowaway on a ship, while evading the law.

While it’s unclear if Gerard Butler will return as pilot Brodie Torrance, who enlisted Gaspare’s help to save a group of passengers taken hostage after doomed Flight 119 crashed into war-torn Philippines in the last movie, his character’s influence on Gaspare will likely be a part of the film’s narrative.

New additions to the cast include the ship’s second mate, who’s unaware of the true nature of the ship, and a passenger with former military experience. Casting for these characters has not been announced, but more details will follow when production is set to begin in late 2023.

With an action-packed plot and new characters joining the fray, Ship promises to be a sequel to remember. A release date has yet to be set, but its synopsis offers a glimpse of what to expect:

Following a high-octane showdown with the local militia on Jolo’s shores, Gaspare manages to commandeer a fishing boat and escape the Philippines. But he’s not out of the woods yet: the media circus surrounding Flight 119 has elevated his public profile, making him the subject of an international manhunt. Hoping to stay under the radar and get far away from his last known location, Gaspare hops aboard a cargo ship in East Asia that’s bound for South Africa. But as he settles in for a long voyage, the stowaway discovers that the ocean vessel is transporting more than goods — it’s also being used as a ferry for a human trafficking ring.

A strong moral code won’t allow Gaspare to simply stand by, so he once again puts his own freedom on hold. Together with the ship’s second mate, a last-minute addition to the crew who was unaware of its illicit activities, and a passenger with military experience and a bone to pick, Gaspare embarks on a mission to take down the ship’s corrupt captain, keep its innocent passengers safe, and liberate its captives.