McDonald's Gaming Chair

Ugly McDonald’s McCrispy Ultimate Gaming Chair Has French Fry Holster, Dip Holders, And More

The gaming chair industry continues to extend its tight grip on other sectors, and McDonald’s is its latest target. The brand has combined the love for fast food and gaming to create an utterly McUnneeded product: the ugly McCrispy Ultimate Gaming Chair.

Why, you ask? We aren’t sure either, but the fast food chain came prepared with a list of features to appease naysayers. For one, the chair will feature a fries holster, a drink holder, and two dip holders, so users can have a place to put their food items down as they game.

A built-in napkin holder eliminates the need to get out of the chair just to grab them elsewhere, while the stain-proof leather offers added resistance against sweaty sessions and greasy fingers. There’s also a “burger ‘heat zone’ to keep your McCrispy warm,” which is…easily the worst addition, considering how gaming chairs are already warm enough.

Still, the features are definitely more of a sell than the aesthetics. The throne comes in an unpleasant yellow and black combination, with the McCrispy print across the leatherette bringing even more of an obnoxious touch. The headrest doesn’t have the best design too, sporting a giant ‘M’ against a black cushion.

The McCrispy Ultimate Gaming Chair won’t be available for purchase, and can only be won by entering an official McDonald’s Facebook competition, which closes on 13 November. The full list of terms and conditions on the website writes that only residents in the United Kingdom are eligible, however, with no word on whether the prize draw, or just the chair itself, will be heading to other territories.

And that’s all the better, we think.