Snap Up These Marvel Infinity War Mechanical Keycaps From Drop Before They Vanish

Keycaps are like clothing for keyboards, and as the saying goes, clothes maketh the person. All the Infinity Gauntlets in the world cannot compare to having the very scene of the epic battle right at the tips of your fingers.

Drop has partnered up with Marvel to bring the Infinity War keycap set for everyone who wants to have more of the Avengers in their lives.

The purple hues remind one of Thanos immediately, and the bright blue accents bring to mind the heroes that stood fast against the cosmic threat.

The full set of 160 keys are sculpted in Drop’s exclusive MT3 profile, featuring scooped keys and a durable, doubleshot production.

We found these keycaps available for purchase on Amazon for US$135.58. For those who want more of the Marvel Cinematic Universe in your life, what are you waiting for?

If the Mad Titan is not quite your style, there’s Captain America, Iron Man, and Black Panther-themed keycaps as well!