Saw 2023

Lionsgate Sets ‘Saw XI’ For Sep 2024

Jigsaw is back to play. Following Saw X‘s impressive run at the box office, Lionsgate has officially confirmed the next entry in the franchise. Saw XI will hit the silver screen sooner than expected, with the franchise’s Instagram account unveiling a 27 September 2024 release and a simple caption that reads, “The game continues.”

No other details have been revealed about the new installment, including cast, story, and the parties involved for production. The quick turnaround comes as a surprise, but it’s nothing new for the series, which has historically worked with tight timelines. Each following title after Saw II was released within 365 days from their respective predecessor, until Saw 3D broke the streak with a 371-day gap. Subsequently, the franchise took a seven-year hiatus before 2017’s Jigsaw.

Saw X is the latest addition to the family. The film put up a strong performance globally, grossing US$107 million against a US$13 million production budget. It was also the first in the series to win over critics and score a fresh Rotten Tomato score.

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The tenth Saw was directed by series veteran Kevin Greutert, and saw (hah) franchise star Tobin Bell returning to the role of John “Jigsaw” Kramer. The actor, who first appeared in the original Saw movie, took on a lead role for the feature, which is set between the first and second installments. In it, Shawnee Smith also reprised her role as Jigsaw’s apprentice Amanda Young.

Saw XI releases 27 September 2024 in theatres.