Tobin Bell Reprises Jigsaw Role And Kills Again In New ‘Saw’ Film

It’s hard to keep a good serial killer down.

Tobin Bell is set to reprise his role as Jigsaw Killer John Kramer in the next Saw film, tentatively titled Saw X.

Saw 2023

The film heads into production this month, where Bell will be reunited with franchise master Kevin Greuter — who directed Saw VI and Saw: The Final Chapter, and edited Saw I through V and Jigsaw — as the director.

First introduced in the original Saw in 2004, Jigsaw is a serial killer who captures his victims and challenges them in life-threatening “games” to test their will to survive.

Despite being killed off in Saw III, Jigsaw continued to appear in the following films through flashbacks, until Spiral. With Bell given an active role in Saw X, it will be interesting to see if the film ends up being a prequel, or if we will see the impact of the Jigsaw Killer on another copycat or apprentice.

“What a thrill to be reuniting with Tobin,” said franchise producers Mark Burg and Oren Koules. “His performance as John Kramer is part of the magic that made this franchise a phenomenon and his character is an active part of this film.”

Saw X will be released on 27 October 2023.