lg dualup ergo monitor

LG DualUp Ergo: Unconventional 27-Inch 16:18 Monitor Arrives In Singapore

It’s one of the strangest-looking monitors around, but then LG has been experimenting with unusual screens recently. Say hi to the LG DualUp Ergo monitor (28MQ780), a 27.6-inch Nano IPS 16:18 aspect ratio monitor, as it finally arrives in Singapore on 1 July 2022 after launching in some parts of the world earlier. It retails for S$999.

lg dualup ergo monitor

The vertical screen, almost square, gives you a 2,560 x 2,880 resolution display. Essentially, you get two stacked QHD displays in one monitor. It looks a little odd for our horizontal-preconditioned minds but if you can accept that, the LG DualUp is actually a great monitor that can give your productivity a boost.

The Nano IPS display supports 98 percent of DCI-P3 colour gamut with HDR10 contrast for almost perfect colour reproduction. It reaches 300 nits in brightness and has a smart ambient light sensor that can auto-adjust the screen’s brightness depending on your surrounding light.

The vertical screen lends itself well to apps that scroll vertically or multi-screen tasks, such as web browsing, streaming, and coding. Instead of having to turn your head left and right, you get a more natural up-down head movement instead.

Plus, the LG DualUp comes with the Ergo stand. It is a highly-adjustable monitor arm that lets you set it to what you find most comfortable. It can swivel (335°) and tilt (25°), is extendable (210mm) and height-adjustable (130mm), and also rotate 90° to a somewhat more conventional landscape orientation. It also functions as a cable manager by hiding messy cables within its hollow stand.

The DualUp has two HDMI 2.0 ports, a DisplayPort 1.4, a USB hub with a USB 2.0 (upstream) and two USB 3.0 (downstream), and a headphone jack. It is powered through a USB-C port rated for 90W, which can let you charge, transfer data and power the screen with just one cable.

The LG DualUp Ergo is available from 1 July for S$999 from Lazada, Shopee, KrisShop and in-store of authorised retailers.