Lenovo Legion Go vs ASUS ROG Ally: Which Gaming Handheld Is The Best?

PC gaming as a whole tends to be fairly linear. Every year, we’d get a CPU upgrade, GPU upgrade, and then we’d need to figure out how all of those parts come together and remove any bottlenecks. With the advent of 4K gaming, the real challenge, in some quarters, is not being able to game on the best hardware possible but having the time to squeeze in a gaming session or two. With the ROG Ally coming out earlier in 2023, and followed by the Legion Go hot on its heels, With limited budgets, there can only be one winner, will it be the Lenovo Legion Go or the ASUS ROG Ally? Find out in our video below –

Thanks to the beauty of cloud saves, being able to game anywhere and anytime (with a solid wifi connection) has become possible. The folks at Lenovo and ASUS have put together one of the best pieces of portable gaming hardware that has excited us all to clear our gaming backlog with every waking hour possible.

Depending on which is your final pick, we’re hopeful that the space will expand even further. After all, more competition means there’s more variety for us consumers to look forward to in 2024! In the meantime, are you Team Legion Go or Team ROG Ally?