Laurie Strode’s Final Fight Against Michael Myers Teased In New ‘Halloween Ends’ Photo

Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis) is facing Michael Myers for one last time, but whether that means evil ends tonight, remains to be seen.

A new photo of Halloween Ends has been released and it sees Laurie and Michael doing what they do best – trying to kill each other.

In the photo, Michael seemingly has the upper hand as he pins Laurie against a table and tries to stab her through the ear with a knitting needle. It seems like Michael is getting some sort of poetic revenge because John Carpenter’s Halloween had a scene where Laurie stabbed Michael with a similar knitting needle.

halloween ends

While a lot is still unknown about this mysterious finale, what we do know is that this film picks up four years after the events of Halloween and Halloween Kills. Laurie and her granddaughter Allyson (Andi Matichak) are trying to move on. Laurie is even writing a memoir to recover from her decades-long trauma.

However, when you live in Haddonfield, the ghost of Michael Myers is never too far behind. When a babysitter is accused of murder, the town quickly descends into madness once again.

The finale to David Gordon Green’s Halloween trilogy, this image is a reminder of just how much is at stake for these characters. This new trilogy hasn’t been afraid to have a massive body count, and they haven’t been afraid to kill off legacy characters like Tommy Doyle, sheriff Leigh Brackett, and nurse Marion Chambers either. Because of that, it really does feel like either Laurie or Michael (or both) aren’t making it out of this finale alive.

Laurie and Michael have died a number of times in the franchise and in other timelines, but Green’s film truly feels like an end of an era. Regardless of whether or not fans will see Myers some time down the road, this film is the bloody swan song to Curtis’ version of Laurie.

Halloween Ends kills its way to theatres on 14 October.