Kubo and the Two Strings – Exclusive Figurine Unboxing

Kubo and the Two Strings (read our review here) is a new, thrillingly original action adventure stop motion film from the wizards at LAIKA, the award winning animation studio behind hits like Coraline. They continue to break new ground through extraordinary creativity and innovative use of state-of-the-art technology.

And they’ve popped by with a gift for Geek Culture, in the form of a limited edition figure for our brand new office.

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When this surprise package arrived from UIP Singapore, we were blown away by the presentation and execution. While this unique collectible is not available for sale, we thought that we might share it through the unboxing. There are only 15 pieces available in Singapore, out of only 1,200 made globally.


Much blue. So wave. Such awesome. There’s a ridiculous amounts of superlatives that we can slather on to describe the box. Depicting the opening sequence shown in the movie, there’s a tremendous amount of wonder that goes with the unboxing. It’s almost as if the waves are already to rush out as we open up the box for the first time. Much drama.


Behold the majesty of Kubo. Upon sliding open the box via the ribbons on each side, we are greeted with a silhouette of a mysterious figure. The opening of the panels triggers an LED light from the rear and as we slid the panels open, it felt as though it came with a den-den daiko backing tracking that helped build anticipation of the reveal. When was the last time that you had seen a packaging that provided so much suspense. It made us feel like Christmas morning all over again, and it’s only September.

Below is a drawer that opens to reveal a mini hardcover artbook, filled with pages of gorgeous artwork from the movie. It’s not the type you’d find on a coffee table yet it illustrates how much love went into the movie. Form matters little when there’s so much greatness.


And of course, a Certificate of Authenticity! #1173 of 2000.


Next, sliding up the front panel reveals Kubo! With the Moon against his back he looks as though he’s all ready to take on the world with that look of determination.

Here’s a closer look at the detailed figurine. If it was posable, we’re pretty sure that it would qualify sufficiently to be a movie prop.


And now, Kubo sits proudly in our new geek display cabinet, at our brand new office, for all to admire. Thanks again UIP Singapore for this exquisite collectible!

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