Konami's 'Amazing Bomberman' Mixes Music & Explosions In Apple Arcade Exclusive

Konami’s ‘Amazing Bomberman’ Mixes Music & Explosions In Apple Arcade Exclusive

For those of us who still have fond memories of Konami‘s classic Bomberman series, this latest iteration might just be something totally unexpected. Coming to Apple Arcade exclusively, Amazing Bomberman will launch this 5 August, with musical mayhem added to the explosive formula that has been the series’ signature.

Players can look forward to using all kinds of bombs to smash obstacles in stages, while collecting special items to give them the edge. All of this will happen as the stages change to match the different songs being played in the background. This new take will make it easy to play online so you can battle anywhere, anytime, while there’s also a practice mode for you to get up to speed.

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Those looking to stamp their own style on things will be glad to know you will have access to all sorts of customisation options once you have collected the items. Beyond just a colour swap, you can truly make your own Bomberman.

Amazing Bomberman Battle

Amazing Bomberman will launch with seven different playable stages, and will feature original music composed by artists both from Japan and beyond. Whether you are on iPhone, iPad, Mac, or Apple TV, a subscription to Apple Arcade will give you access to this latest entry.

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