Kenny Omega Channels Inner Sephiroth With Cosplay Entrance At Japan’s Biggest Wrestling Event

Following his last outing at Japan’s biggest wrestling event, Japan Wrestle Kingdom, in 2019, renowned wrestler Kenny Omega has returned to the ring in style. This time, he entered the bout with England’s Will Ospreay dressed as the infamous Final Fantasy VII villain Sephiroth, and even walked in to the character’s iconic theme song, “One-Winged Angel”.

The wrestling superstar’s tribute to Square Enix’s beloved JRPG is very much in line with his some of his previous appearances, which tapped into his love for video games. Considered by some to be one of the best wrestlers out there, Kenny Omega is known as one of the sport’s most dedicated gamers, having drawn his ring name from Final Fantasy VIII‘s superboss, Omega Weapon, and using a finishing move called One-Winged Angel throughout his career.

Other notable instances include taunting opponents with Alex’s signature “You can’t escape” line from Street Fighter, executing a knee strike called V Trigger, dressing up in a costume that’s partly inspired by the main character of Toby Fox’s Deltarune, entering the ring to “Hopes and Dreams” from the Undertale soundtrack, and donning a Pharah-inspired costume in 2018 (Pharah is a character from Blizzard’s hero shooter Overwatch).

But the highlight of the event was when he claimed victory over Ospreay, with the big screens behind him showing imagery connected to Sephiroth and his famous wing. Talk about going out with a bang!