Join The Mobile Warfare Ranks In Command & Conquer Legions Upcoming Closed Beta Test

Join The Mobile Warfare Ranks In ‘Command & Conquer: Legions’ Closed Beta Test

For real-time strategy fans of yesteryear, Westwood Studios and EA’s Command & Conquer series holds a special place in our hearts for many good reasons. Even as the gaming world moves on to other variations of the genre, there is always the lingering hope that one day, the series could be brought back to life. Well, it has, in a different form altogether, and players will be able to experience it themselves in the upcoming closed beta test of Command & Conquer: Legions.

A mobile strategy title developed by Level Infinite and EA, the closed beta will be available on Android devices in Australia, Canada, France, Mexico, New Zealand, the Philippines, Singapore and Spain. Players can sign up via the official website.

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As part of the test, players will be able to call upon all-new units never before seen yet, as well as partake in the new game mode, Mech Fury. In this dynamic mode, players will control their mechs and create powerful skill combinations to defeat attacking monsters and successfully clear the map.

By optimising well and hitting milestones, players will gain access to further rewards, including the highly coveted Hunter mech, which will also be available to players when Command & Conquer: Legions launches in full.

The full release will see players engage in strategic PvE and PvP battles against other factions as they collect Tiberium, a powerful resource brought to earth that can either be used for technological advancement or to unleash destruction on enemies.

On a large map shared with other Commanders globally, form strategic alliances of your choosing to coordinate attacks with allies, share resources and strategize to outwit enemies. Send units to capture strategic locations and acquire as many Tiberium spikes as possible to claim precious resources. Using outposts, players can also extend their reach and secure precious supply lines to aid the war effort.

Interested Commanders can start their journey in Command & Conquer: Legions on Android devices via the Google Play Store or through the App Store on both iPhone and iPad devices in 2024.