Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy MMORPG Officially Launched On Mobile – Generous Gift Packs Await!

Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy has been officially launched today, 17 March 2022! It is a mobile game adapted from Jade Dynasty, which was developed by Perfect World and was one of the most popular MMORPGs in the world. The strong fanbase kept the game bustling and running from 2007 till 2018, when the official game servers shut down.

For fans yearning for a trip down memory lane or for gamers wanting to experience the astonishingly beautiful oriental fantasy world, the turned-based MMORPG blockbuster is back! As the game is based on a web novel, elements of the story are brought to life in this game. While exploring the world and building your own larger-than-life characters, witness the poignant love story between Xiaofan and Biyao, which serves as the romantic backdrop that breathes life into the game world.

Download the game now! Complete the designated main quest to get Biyao on your team on the very first day! Also, don’t forget to log in every day over the next seven days to claim precious items. Generous rewards, amazing weapons, and powerful Espers are waiting for you!

Experience the immersive in-game interaction and be charmed by a fantasy world

The Mortal Realm of Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy feels very much alive. Beyond the sheer gorgeousness of the fantasy world, the abundance of in-game interactions makes the gameplay experience more immersive. As you wander the field outside Grasstemple Village, swans and hares will be alarmed by your footsteps; if you stray into the pond and stand behind a bull, it will kick you; as you walk around on a rainy day, the mist will block your view. These bits of detail are peppered throughout the entire game. You can interact with people and objects anytime and anywhere. These interactive features elevate the audio-visual experience of the game.

Creative turn-based game, innovative strategic battles

This isn’t your regular boring turn-based combat system. Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy adds depth and complexity by including multiple factors such as displacement, lineup change, elemental restraint response, and space block. These give players a lot more agency when it comes to strategising and planning for specific battles while also giving players ample room to optimise their teams in ways that best suit their playstyle. Terrain also plays a role because in different environments, various movement choices and element combos will result in different effects. 

By diving deep into the game mechanics, players can reach a more thorough understanding of how the many factors interact, and how to squeeze out an advantage in battles. The depth of the turn-based combat system flesh out the game in a way that’s engaging and fun for all players.

Character and costume customisation; dress up your character however you want

Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy has introduced a brand-new character customisation system. Not only is there a lot of options available for free, players are given room to flex their creative muscle. The Character Edit system boasts detailed settings that allow for a high degree of personalisation. Players can finetune the characters’ appearance down to even the pupils and lips. Naturally, height and figure can be tweaked to one’s heart’s content. 

Under the Costume option, beyond colours, players can even pick textures and materials that react accordingly to in-game lighting with obvious changes to the way the clothes interact with light. This is made possible due to the game’s PBR2.0 technology, and it enriches the overall visual experience of the game.

Meet your exclusive pets

In Jade Dynasty: New Fantasy, everything you meet, including birds, beasts, mythical monsters, and even grass, wood and stones are spiritual and can transform into lovely companions. In this free and open continent, they can not only bring you pleasure on your journey of cultivation, but also assist you in battles. Meet your pets and build a new Jade Dynasty world driven by harmony and friendship.

What are you waiting for? Download the game today and hop into the fresh, new server now!
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