Superman Brutally Murders The Joker In Injustice Animated Red Band Trailer; And It’s Glorious

There is a new trailer for the DC animated movie, Injustice. This new trailer fully justifies the R rating that the direct-to-video movie has, when Superman straight-up murders the Joker by punching a hole through his chest.

This is the second trailer for the film, the first having been released in early September 2021.

Injustice is based on the DC graphic novel series and fighting game, Injustice: Gods Among Us. It imagines an alternate universe where Superman decides to go full dictator mode and reshape the world, establishing his own totalitarian regime. This splits the Justice League into two factions, with Batman leading the insurgency against Superman’s regime.

Fans will get to see one of the most common what-if scenarios people think about in movie form. This could be the Batman vs Superman story we’ve been waiting for.

Injustice will be released on 19 October 2021,