HoYoverse’s ‘Zenless Zone Zero’ Surpasses 50M Global Downloads In 3 Days

Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail maker HoYoverse has captured lightning in the bottle yet again. The company’s latest urban adventure, Zenless Zone Zero, crossed 50 million global downloads in its first three days, though it’s unclear how much of these figures came from mobile.

“Since its release, Zenless Zone Zero has reached 50 million downloads globally. A city that once only existed in the hopes and dreams of the dev team has never been as buzzing with life as it is now. Your patience and support have made New Eridu what it is today,” reads the opening of an announcement post on X/Twitter.

Released on 4 July for PC, PS5, and Android and iOS devices, the free-to-play RPG finds its charm in a blend of bold, arresting visuals and dynamic hack-and-slash action. To celebrate the milestone, players have been gifted with 1,600 Polychrome — used to exchange for Master Tapes, which are needed to pull for characters in Banners.

More impressively, estimations from AppMagic show that HoYoverse’s latest has out-earned Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail combined in the last week, generating US$24.5 million in its first five days. In contrast, Genshin Impact and Honkai: Star Rail racked up US$10.6 million and US$11.7 million, respectively, within the same window. It should also be noted that AppMagic only considers venue from Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store, so there’s still the earnings on PC and PS5 to consider.

Geek Interview: Zenless Zone Zero

The Zenless Zone Zero team is currently working on a cloud release, with plans to continue listening to community feedback and optimise gameplay. “Providing a better gaming experience to all Proxies has always been the vision and goal of the dev team, and will continue to be a long-term focus,” the developer said. “We will provide regular updates on optimisations and progress through upcoming dev updates. We will continue our endeavour to ensure each and every Proxy can make even more wonderful memories in New Eridu.”