How To Earn Maximum Coins & Vouchers For Lazada’s 11.11 By Playing Games On The App

Lazada is redefining what it means to play to win. Since March 2019, the eCommerce giant has introduced a series of LazGame titles that allows shoppers to use their skills to win games, and be rewarded with coins. 

LazCity, one of the new Lazgames.

These coins, then, can be used to earn vouchers, discounts and other sweet deals. All for the low, low price of playing games. As The Hulk would put it, we see this as an absolute win. 

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In any case, why are we putting up a LazGame guide now since it’s already been out for quite some time now? As it were, Lazada will be having their 11.11 sale very soon, which will be incorporating LazGames quite heavily with their deals. Basically, you win even more when you play games throughout this week, and most especially on the big day next week.

Before we dive into the nine LazGame entries (at the time of writing of course), there are a couple of basic mechanics you should know about earning coins, vouchers and so on so you can maximise your time shopping on the Lazada app playing these games. 

You Have Lives And They Replenish Regularly

Yup, that’s right — you require lives to be able to play these LazGames. You start with 5, but you can exceed that number if you perform various tasks, which we’ll describe below.

A life is consumed each time you play a game, and you can’t play games if you’re out of them. You do get another one automatically every hour, which isn’t so bad. However, there are other ways to earn lives, which can cut your downtime in playing games and earning coins significantly.

Firstly, you can complete Daily Quests on the main LazGame page. These include menial tasks such as achieving a certain score on a game, or maintaining a combo, and so on. The harder the task, the more potential lives you can get. 

The next task is much, much simpler. Simply share the LazGame you’re playing with a friend, and you earn a life. The catch is that they must click to enter the game itself, so even if they’re not keen on earning coins, just pester them to do so for your sake.

Coins, Coins, Coins

Aside from lives, the other lifeblood (heh) of LazGames is earning coins. These, of course, are what you’ll exchange for exclusive deals such as vouchers and discounts, and can only be earned by playing (and winning) the various games. The more coins you’ve stacked up, the juicier the rewards you can claim.

The further you advance in each game, the more coins you earn. Even if you lose, you’ll still get to keep coins that you’ve earned during your run, which is still a good thing. The only exception, of course, is LazCity, but we’ll get to that one later on.

There are various other ways in which you can earn coins. Firstly, you can earn them via Daily Quests, which is the same as earning lives, except you pick the quests that net you coins. 

You can also complete 11.11 missions via the Mission Centre on the LazGame main page. These particular tasks involve not only booting up and playing LazGames, but also doing things such as ordering items pre-sale, joining Group Play (more on that later), and simply sharing the 11.11 sale on your social media.

And speaking of which, joining Group Play is another way to use those coins to earn vouchers. In Group Play, you’ll be forming groups with up to 21 other people to collectively earn as many coins as possible. From now until the end of the sale, the group with the most coins wins vouchers at the end of each day. The ultimate prize is on 11.11 itself, being thousands of dollars’ worth of vouchers!

Now that we’ve gotten these essentials out of the way, let’s dive into the various LazGames you can try your hand with and earn some coins.


One of the two new LazGames to try out, Moji-Go is all about the emoji. The catch here is that you have to match the various emojis that pop up on your screen with your own face. It’s similar to rhythm games like Dance Dance Revolution, except that your facial expressions are doing the legwork here (see what we did there?). 

In any case, as silly as it makes you look, this game actually has the potential to net you the most coins per life spent. If you manage to play this game through to the end and win, you can get up to 5 coins per session – the most among any LazGame available.

But of course, to maximise your winning potential, you’d best be served by playing against a plain background, so your phone’s front camera will focus on just your face. Playing it against a cluttered background will make it difficult for the game to recognise your facial expressions.

Also, if you’re on track to win at Moji-Go, you’ll want to make sure you don’t break your combo as much as possible in order to gain maximum points. This, of course, will require some practice, but shouldn’t take too long to get the hang of.


The other new LazGame that may pique your interest, LazCity, takes a cue from familiar city-building mobile games. You simply build your city by tapping on empty lots and spending gems to purchase buildings. These buildings will then generate gems for you (which replenish after a set amount of time), which you can claim to build more buildings or upgrade existing ones. 

Sound familiar? That’s because it is, and that’s a good thing.

LazCity is the only LazGame here that doesn’t expend any life, nor give you coins when you play it, but instead it gives you gems. While these gems are not exchangeable for any currency of value unlike coins, there is still some merit to collecting them, as they will be used for future events.

As such, it would be good to start collecting gems while you’re at it. You not only can farm gems with your own buildings, but also by completing Tasks via the “Task” button in the game itself. You can also steal other players’ gems by simply tapping on the “Steal” button to nab all the readily available gems from other players’ buildings. 

Of course, other players can do the same to you, so to prevent your precious gems from being stolen, you can always spend some gems to protect your city for a time (this can be done for free by completing Tasks that award this buff).

That doesn’t mean it doesn’t still earn you discount vouchers, however; there are special pre-built buildings that not only generate gems at regular intervals, but also vouchers that you can directly claim on the spot. This is also a nice way to grab yourself a nice little discount.

Popping Star

Popping Star is Lazada’s own take on Space Invaders, though it is significantly less difficult, which is great news, as you’ll be earning coins more often. The premise is simple: simply shoot up all the differently-sized asteroids until they blow up when their individual values hit zero. If an asteroid touches you, it’s game over, so you’d best keep on your toes (or rather, your fingers, since you’ll be using them to control your character)!

Occasionally, temporary power-ups will pop up, which will give you some really interesting buffs. The buffs range from a faster firing speed, slower-moving asteroids, and even an additional companion that will help shoot down asteroids for you!

Reaching Level 35 in this game will unlock the most powerful upgrades in the game.

Unlike Space Invaders, however, you don’t lose when the asteroids go past you, though you earn less points if you to so, which ultimately determines how many coins you receive at the end of each session, so it’s always better to try and clear them before they disappear. 

Popping Balloons

Another alternate take on Space Invaders, Popping Balloons is the more arcade-y of the two, as it allows you to shoot up way more items on the screen due to a much higher firing speed. Also, it’s super satisfying to see hundreds of balloons pop on your screen, rather than firing on fat asteroids that take super long to shrink. 

In turn, the balloons move much, much faster than the asteroids in Popping Star, so you’ll want to either pop them quickly and move about quickly as well. There are also power-ups you can acquire here, which will boost your firing speed even more, as well as allow you to shoot in different directions, and more.

Like Popping Star, you don’t lose if the balloons go to the bottom. The main difference here is that they bounce back up, so you’ll have to pop them eventually anyway. Just be careful of where you’re positioned though, as the balloons are just as deadly when they hit you from below!

Birthday Blast

If you like living on the edge, then perhaps Birthday Blast might scratch that itch. In this game, your aim is to shoot down the target that’s in front of you until it’s completely gone. To do so, simply tap and hold on the screen and your cannon will rapidly fire at the target until it shrinks to the ground. Make sure to avoid hitting the moving walls, or you lose the game!

However, if you can stop firing just before you hit the wall, you’ll score bonus points. This one will take some practice, so if you want some maximum pointage, you can certainly try and aim for that. If not, you could always just wait for the walls to pass by and then shoot, since there’s no time limit to this game.


Target is another simple game, yet not so easy to master. All you need to do is shoot all your hearts onto the spinning target. The catch is that you can’t have them touch one another, or you’ll lose. 

Like Birthday Blast, however, there is no time limit here, so you can take your time to look for an opening so you can, well, hit your target. 

Shop and Match

By this time, a game like Shop and Match needs no introduction, given the sheer volume of match-three puzzle mobile games out there. The slight tweak here is that every round, you’ll be given a different set of specific items to match, so you’ll want to look out for those. Fortunately, this game is much more forgiving than other games in the same genre, so you’ll definitely end the session winning some coins.

Push Cart

Push Cart is Lazada’s take on the dodge game. Your aim is simply to collect three presents (as indicated by the branded items on the screen) while avoiding all the walls as you move in high-speed. The more presents you collect, the faster the cart moves, which makes this one of the more exhilarating LazGames out there.

Our pro tip here is to always try to stay in the middle, as you’ll be able to see and potentially avoid walls more easily. Also, you’d do better to avoid making wide dodges, as more often than not, it will lead to you hitting an upcoming wall, so always try to look for the smallest movements possible. We’d also recommend that you avoid presents that are far away, unless that’s the last one you need to collect.


Rounding off the list of LazGames is Tower, a game that lets you destroy a tower with a bouncing ball. The aim of this game is to get the ball to the ground floor of the tower by destroying a series of rotating floors by tapping on your screen. You’ll want to hit only coloured floor tiles in order to advance. However, if you touch a black floor, you lose.

Like some other games on this list, there is no time limit here, so you can absolutely take your time when going down floors!

And that’s our lowdown of the various ways in which to earn coins by playing the various LazGames. With the Lazada 11.11 sale just around the corner, it’s high time to stack up on those vouchers and discounts by killing it with these games.

Who knows, you might just end up with a new Nintendo Switch by 11.11.

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