Horizon Forbidden West - Valor Surges Guide

Horizon Forbidden West – Valor Surges Guide

In Horizon Forbidden West, Guerrilla Games has added plenty of new features and mechanics for players to enjoy. One of those key additions is that of Valor Surges, and if you are trying to understand just which ones are going to suit you, our guide to the Valor Surges in Horizon Forbidden West will have you covered.

What are Valor Surges?

In short, Valor Surges are like a super ability that Aloy can use to turn things in her favour. Every Valour Surge serves a different purpose, and there are three different upgrade levels that players can unlock to make it more effective. The Valor Surges are also tied to the different skill trees, so it should make sense for everyone to implement them into their arsenal.

To activate a chosen Valor Surge, you will need to have enough of the Valor meter built up, before holding down L1 and pressing R1. Witness as Aloy paints her face in a glorious manner before getting back into the fight.

Best Valor Surges for Each Skill Tree

Critical Boost

Horizon Forbidden West - Critical Boost Valor Surge

Under the Warrior skill tree, Critical Boost is a great Valor Surge if you are looking to deal a high amount of damage in a short amount of time. It ups your Critical Hit Chance and Damage, as well as for Critical Strikes on downed enemies.

If you unleash your Weapon Techniques as well, there is also an increased chance of a critical hit registering. This will help you even the odds in Horizon Forbidden West.

Elemental Fury

Housed under the Trapper skill tree, Elemental Fury works extremely well in tandem with players who want to take advantage of the elements. It ensures that elemental buildup is sped up considerably, while extending its duration so you can prolong the hurt even more.

Get your foes frosted, drenched, shocked, or covered in acid for a longer time, while you gain even more resistance against the same elements, this Valor Surge is great for both offence and defence in Horizon Forbidden West.


Horizon Forbidden West - Powershots Valor Surge

A favourite for those who like dealing damage from afar, Powershots come under the Hunter skill tree, helping to increase the damage caused by Bows, Boltblasters, Ropecasters, and Spike Throwers.

Each level increases the number of Powershots you can unleash, and bring boosted ranged damage and even refills your Concentration meter with each successful hit. Plus, it uses none of your existing ammo, and can even refill selected ammo as well.


Need to survive a tough fight? Then the Toughened Valor Surge is the one for you in Horizon Forbidden West. This special potion not only restores your health every two seconds, but also boost your resistance defensively in several areas.

Now you can concentrate on taking down your enemies without worrying too much about your health or the debilitating effects that can happen otherwise.

Radial Burst

Horizon Forbidden West - Radial Burst Valor Surge

Radial Burst comes under the Infiltrator skill tree, and is a great way to crowd control a group of enemies that have come too close for comfort. When activated, it triggers a powerful shockwave that damages everything in its vicinity.

Causing both Blast Damage and Shock Buildup, you are hitting them hard and leaving them unable to function, and that is great when you are also dealing increased damage to them for the time being.

Chain Burst

One of the more fun Valor Surges in Horizon Forbidden West, Chain Burst is all about delivering the hurt equally to more than one enemy at a time. Enemies within a set distance will receive a portion of the damage dealt to that main recipient, together with knockdown potential.

Now you can take one foe out and watch the others fall, or at the very least, get damaged substantially.

Now that you are an expert on all things Valor Surges, be sure to implement them into your time spent in Horizon Forbidden West. As for other things, be sure to visit our guide wiki to learn more!