Halloween Horror Nights 11 Releases Delightful $79 Early Bird Tickets For 2023

All bark and all bite — that’s how Halloween Horror Nights 11 will return to Universal Studios Singapore (USS) for its 11th iteration. Five haunted houses, three scare zones, and two live shows are set to deliver various frights in store, while those who have a stomach for more horrors can opt for a multi-sensory dining experience.

But it’s never too early to get into the Halloween spirit. In the lead-up to the scare event’s run from 29 September to 4 November, USS has announced the prices for early bird tickets, which come in at S$79 (non-peak nights) and S$89 (peak nights). The sales period is open now and will last till 17 August, with a limited-edition Halloween Horror Nights souvenir, S$5 Halloween Horror Nights food and beverage voucher, S$5 retail voucher, and an interactive LED wristband included with each purchase.

Regular tickets, meanwhile, will be available from 18 August at the same prices for peak and non-peak nights. Each ticket also comes with a S$5 Halloween Horror Nights food and beverage voucher, S$5 retail voucher, and an interactive LED wristband.

Halloween Horror Nights 11 will take place over 18 event nights. On top of a new haunted house experience based on Netflix’s hit zombie series All of Us are Dead, fans can expect three more attractions — Rebirth of the Matriarch, DIYU: Descent into Hell, and Grimm Encounters. The fifth and final haunted house will be revealed at a later date.

The celebration of frights extends to the scare zones, comprising Dead Man’s Wharf, The Hacker, and The Cursed Kiramam, and two pulse-throbbing shows, Judgement Day, and The Hacker: Game Over. The description for each attraction is as follows:

Haunted Houses
  • Rebirth of the Matriarch brings back the titular character from the very first edition of Universal Studios Singapore Halloween Horror Nights, where guests will step foot into the family home where a deadly ritual is being conducted to bring The Matriarch back to life.
  • DIYU: Descent into Hell puts Chinese mythology centre stage as guests face King Yama’s
    judgement and punishment for their earthly sins.
  • Grimm Encounters is a twisted take on the Pied Piper, whose sinister tunes have corrupted
    everyone’s favourite fairy tales.
Scare Zones
  • Dead Man’s Wharf brings visitors face to face with real-life historical figure Madame Dragon, the fearsome, legendary Chinese pirate and her motley crew.
  • The Hacker, a destructive A.I. being, reigns supreme over a terrifying cyber-hellscape, where technology feeds off the desperate souls of mankind.
  • The Cursed Kiramam is an Indian village cursed by the gods, whose once prosperous
    inhabitants now exist in a state of perpetual torment. Venture in to see if the villagers can
    escape their impending doom.
Live Shows
  • Judgement Day is the night’s grand opening Scaremony. Watch as an unfortunate soul tries to escape his final judgement amidst flame and fury.
  • The Hacker: Game Over shows how a destructive A.I being invades and corrupts the games of her victims as she tries to hack her way out of the virtual world and into their nightmares.

Rounding out the Halloween Horror Nights 11 experience is Die-ning in Hell, a three-course meal served at Halloween China Arcade at 6pm, 7.45pm, or 9.20pm. Costing an additional S$128 top-up, it’s also available on non-event nights on Mondays and Tuesdays, from 2 to 31 October. More ticketing and event details can be found on the official website.