Guide To The 10 Character Classes In Jian Xia Qing Yuan R (剑侠情缘R) MMORPG

Soon to be released in Singapore and Malaysia in January 2022, Jian Xia Qing Yuan R (剑侠情缘R) brings back 10 significant classes from the original version, which are divided into five elements (Wuxing):  Jin/Metal – Mu/Wood – Shui/Water – Huo/Fire – Tu/Earth. The game also preserves all the classic and famous features of those sects. Choose from among 10 classes – representing 10 big organizations in wuxia fiction as well as Chinese martial arts.

Let’s check them out!

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Jin/Metal: Shao Lin & ​​Tian Wang

The Shaolin school has always been called one of the top clans of martial arts. The Shaolin disciples usually train in martial arts and chanting as their tradition.

As a Shaolin disciple, the Shaolin the skill Luo Han Zhen(少林罗汉阵) will allow you to return the damage taken to enemies, Yi Jin Jing (易筋经) can give the user higher resistance, allowing you to act as a tank for your allies.

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Traits: Damage Return, High Resistance

Difficulty: **

Tian Wang is a school for strong close combat fighters, who have high attack speed and the highest HP among 10 classes. Their active skill Duan Hun Ci (断魂刺) can allow them to quickly home in on enemies at fast speeds.

Traits: Close Combat/High HP

Difficulty: **

Mu/Wood: Wu Du & Tang Men

Wu Du’s disciples are well trained to attack with poison. You’ll be in trouble fighting them without an antidote in your inventory. Wu Du’s disciples can also cast a curse, debuffing their enemies’ resistances.

Traits: Poison Attack/Curse Skill

Difficulty: ***

The Tang Men school is known for their clans of hidden weapons. Using these weapons with poison makes them able to perform ranged area of effect attacks, having the high ground on group battles.

Traits: Ranged Attack

Difficulty: ***

Shui/Water: E Mei & Cui Yan

Emei is a clan whose members are predominantly women. Their school is located on Mountain Emei. As a Water Element Clan, Emei disciples can attach the ice damage to their attacks, inflicting a freezing effect on their enemies.

Traits: Support

Difficulty: ***

Cui Yan disciples are known for their high accuracy and high attack. They make use of their high attack Speed and the slowing effect from their water elements to keep ahead of enemies. 

Traits: High ATK/High ATK Speed

Difficulty: ***

Huo/Fire: Tian Ren & Gai Bang

Tianren is the only class that possesses the ability to perform a 1-hit fatal blow. They also have the curse skill and are able to steal their enemy’s life while they attack. It’s a great advantage during 1-on-1 battles.

Traits: Fatal Blow/Curse

Difficulty: *****

Gaibang disciples usually are melee characters with nuclear damage output and high evasion. They have high attributes all around with the exception of low health, making them a bit of a glass cannon. 

Traits: High Basic Attributes but Low Health

Difficulty: **

Tu/Earth: Wu Dang & Kun Lun

Becoming as Wudang disciples will get you faster movement speed and ATK Speed. They can also use your skills to offset the damage taken and stun your enemies.

Traits: High ATK Speed, movement Speed

Difficulty: ***

Kunlun disciples have both skills that increase movement speed themselves and slow down enemies. They usually have high attacks, skills that buffs, but they also have the lowest health amongst all classes.

Traits: High Resistance but Lowest in Health

Difficulty: ***

Those were to 10 classes of Jian Xia Qing Yuan R (剑侠情缘R). Which school will you join? Pre-register for the game and get ready for the Open Beta on 5 January 2022!