You Can Own This Beautiful Game Boy Pocket Display Made From Original Parts

GRID Frame Studio lays out all the components of electronic devices and frames them up into what one can only call works of art.

As the years roll by, it is easy to miss how the symbols of modernity have themselves become imbued with nostalgia. The Playstation Portable 1000 (PSP), iPhone 4S, Nokia E71, and of course, the Game Boy Pocket, were at some point marvels of technology.

These devices, with their vaguely box-like shape and bright screens, seemed like windows into other dimensions that exist within their shells. The Game Boy Pocket gave many millennials a taste of portable escapism through games such as Final Fantasy Adventure, Super Mario Land, and the Gen 1 Pokemon games. 

One wonders if the magic would be lost when the devices are dissected and the cadavers are laid bare for one to see.

The Game Boy Pocket came in a lush black wrapping paper with the studio’s name, ‘GRID’ printed on it. There was a black ribbon held together by a wax seal. It screams quality and attention to detail.

Upon removing the wrapping, we can see everything within the square frame. This includes the battery cover that goes missing all too easily, the speaker that’s always the first to give out, the buttons that wear out with age, and the motherboard with all its tiny protruding parts that don’t usually see the light of day. Yet here, they are kept pristine, a piece of decor to be treasured, the same way childhood memories can be.

A tech geek might admire the intricacies of the motherboard and how much more powerful our devices have become in just 25 years. An art geek might be intrigued by how a relic of technology can be rendered into art. A gamer might see the screenshot of Tetris in the frame and feel wistful at the timelessness of such a simple game.

Really, what GRID Frame Studio does is just plain cool. The framed up devices are pieces of history, they are conversation starters, and they are simply beautiful to look at.

If you find any of this inexplicably arresting, it’ll be worth checking out what GRID Frame Studio has in store.