Google Pixel 6 Ad Leaked, Reveals New Magic Eraser Feature

In Australia, a Google Pixel 6 ad was accidentally aired two days too early. Some exciting new features were revealed, and it seems like this new Pixel will have the same price as the Pixel 5, at AU$999.

The ad claims that the Pixel 6 will boast hours of power from just minutes of charging, though as with all claims about robust battery life, it will need to be tested out to be confirmed. More noteworthy is the Magic Eraser feature which helps users edit out photobombers, and will definitely be a fun feature to try out and push to its limit. If it works as advertised, then users will be able to better isolate important moments captured in photography without them being ruined by random people in the background.

Given what little we know so far, it seems like the Google Pixel 6 is gearing up to be the most impressive and outstanding PIxel phone we’ve seen so far.