God Of War Demake Shows 2018 Classic as 1998 Turn-Based RPG

God Of War “Demake” Shows 2018 Classic as 1998 Turn-Based RPG

If you ever wanted to jump back into simpler times but still want to enjoy the awesome AAA games of today, then this interesting PS1 demake of 2018’s God of War will have you wishing it was real.

YouTube channel 64 Bits has created a really impressive impression of what a God of War demake would look like, translating the epic action into a turn-based roleplaying experience. Those pixellated graphics, the chiptunes, and even the loading screen just stoke the fires of nostalgia.

The battle sequence with the Draugr and Ogre also looks great, with the menu system reminiscent of many classic RPGs that helped shape the gaming landscape we know today. It is always fun to see modern games get a different spin, and this hints at the potential that God of War could have under a different genre.

This demake is also part of a series that 64 Bits is putting together, with a total of seven different games getting the same treatment. Aside from God of War, you can also marvel at the team’s demake of Monster Hunter for the Game Boy Colour.