Genshin Impact Trading Card Game

‘Genshin Impact’ Unveils First Designs For Virtual Trading Card Game With PvP Mode

When the adventuring gets tough, sometimes all you want to do is to take a break from all the action. The Witcher 3 offers an out in the form of GWENT card battles within the game itself, and Genshin Impact will soon bring a similar feature.

The Genius Invokation TCG mode won’t be coming to Teyvat as part of the next update, which is Version 3.2; instead, it’ll go live in Version 3.3 with a core focus on PvE mechanics. PvP mode will also be available, but it won’t be tied to a reward system. Essentially, playing against NPCs is the only way to net all of the perks.

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Here’s the best part: HoYoverse has no plans to lock cards behind a paywall, so all of them can obtained in-game. It’s unclear how that would work exactly — are the cards unlocked via a levelling system, or when the player defeats an NPC? Is there a gacha or lootbox element to it? — and more information is expected to come nearer to the release of Version 3.3.

What’s known is that the cards features existing characters, items, and monsters as part of its design, with the first batch starring Maguu Kenki, Kamisato Ayaka, Diluc, Ningguang, Xingqiu, and Collei. Little has been revealed about the gameplay yet, but earlier leaks have indicated that the following actions are available:

  • Use your active characters skill(s)
  • Switch your active character
  • Play a card from your hand
  • Discard a card from your hand and change the elemental type of 1 of your elemental dice
  • End turn

Do bear in mind that the above information was discovered through data mining around the launch of Version 3.1, so there’s a chance that the mechanics might be different when the card game eventually arrives.

The addition of Genius Invokation TCG to Genshin Impact comes amidst repeated calls for endgame content, with Spiral Abyss being its only form. While the game mode is meant to be a permanent fixture, it might not be enough to satisfy the player base, especially those who aren’t into the TCG genre. Lore wise, though, this makes sense — Genius Invokation is heavily referenced by many NPCs within the game’s new region of Sumeru, so the update certainly is timely, if anything.