Geek Review – Thor: The Dark World

I have a strong dislike of omnipotent heroes, there’s little that their foes can do to hurt them (unless they are a god themselves) and I had half expected Thor: The Dark World to be of our golden-haired hero just swatting enemies away with his Mjölnir.

Bad guy 101: When your opponent is a God, always go for the soft spot – their loved ones.

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A moment for thought. But there’s way more action than this. Yay!

Perhaps it has to do with Chris Hemsworth’s acting or just a residual movie effect from Rush, I really did feel at moments within the movie empathizing with Thor. I could totally comprehend the emotion if I was watching a Spider-Man movie but one about Gods? This was pretty new to me. Props for pulling it off successfully. Punishing those that the heroes care about, would be far more effective than landing repeated blows to the face. His wounds would heal, but the ones inflicted on those he cares for will not.

There was little expectation on my end with regards to the movie at the start. After all, I’ve always felt that Thor plays a more peripheral role in the Marvel Universe as compared to the other heavy hitters in the comic books. He’s usually there as a character that just adds a dash of colour to a scene. The speaking in old English or Norse really does not cut it with me. Tom Hiddleston (Loki) does a far better job in delivering his lines in a more convincing manner. Thankfully, Thor is right in his element surrounded by fellow Asgardians who speak in the same accent and delivery. The real alien in this movie would be poor Natalie Portman (Jane Foster) who is still unsure of their relationship and spends much of her early scenes playing a more ditzy character. Not the best I’ve seen from Natalie Portman in recent times.

So many heavyweight actors, so many bit parts.

Nonetheless, the movie is a great flick to catch if you have been a faithful follower of Marvel movies. Especially so after the disappointment that Iron Man 3 turned out to be, based on the feedback I’ve heard after leaving the cinema.

Visually, one really would appreciate Asgard and the Universe within in all its luster. Thor: The Dark World is a quality Marvel movie with all its visual effects that we have come to expect as a standard for any Marvel production. However, I do have a beef with regards to the liberal use of technology within the movie itself. At times it comes off very strongly as Lord of the Rings-esque from the start but threw in too much tech into the mix, it looks very much like a Star Wars movie. The resemblance to the uninitiated would be rather tough to differentiate. Hey then again Disney owns both Marvel and Star Wars now, so why am I not surprised?

If you were hoping to read a review filled with puns, here’s a freebie for you – The movie was Thoriffic, plenty of hammer time and ass kicking on so many levels.

Be sure to stay behind to watch not one, but two extra credit scenes at the end.