Tapo D230S1 Smart Video Doorbell Kit

Geek Review: Tapo D230S1 Smart Video Doorbell Kit

In a world where safety and convenience converge, the smart home revolution has found its way to our doorsteps and gone are the days of peeking through a peephole, unsure of who’s ringing your bell. Enter the Tapo D230S1 Smart Video Doorbell Kit that puts the smart in home security and modern living.

More than just a doorbell chime, this device keeps tabs on your home’s entrance, making it welcoming and secure even when you’re not around. Not only does it offer a fresh perspective on doorstep monitoring, but it also addresses the evolving tech expectations of homeowners, ensuring peace of mind with every ring.

Tapo D230S1 Smart Video Doorbell Kit

When unboxing the Tapo D230S1, you will immediately notice the precision in its accessories. The video doorbell, measuring 146 x 55 x 36mm, comes equipped with a multi-purpose button, functioning for Reset, SYNC, and Anti-Theft. The separate hub is a crucial companion, at 71 x 71 x 31mm, and adorned with separate Reset and SYNC buttons, to help you pair the hub with your router. Both the doorbell and hub have their distinct System LED indicators, making status checks straightforward. 

Setting up the Tapo D230S1 requires the app and a touch of patience, but it’s worth the effort for seamless performance thereafter. Begin by connecting the hub to your router using the provided Ethernet network cable. It’s a slight drawback that the hub must first connect to the router physically, before operating wirelessly but only then can you initiate the doorbell’s wireless pairing to the hub. Make sure both your phone and the hub are connected to the same WiFi network in order for the pairing to be successful.

With the hub established on your WiFi network, you’re free to disconnect the network cable and position the hub as desired. Admittedly, this wired-first approach during setup feels like an extra step for users accustomed to instant wireless connections. From this point forward, you can command your doorbell from virtually anywhere on your mobile device, ensuring seamless control.

The hub is distinguished by its multifaceted capabilities when paired with the app, where auto detection triggers the recording feature of the device, allowing it to record both video and audio and provide a comprehensive log of detected presence outside your door. This device not only enhances security by documenting interactions but also facilitates real-time communication. Responding to the bell proved effortless, either through the ‘Talk’ or ‘Quick Response’ options in the Tapo app. That being said, there is a noted preference for in-app quick responses like “Hi there, please leave the item by the door.”, due to convenience’s sake.

When a delivery person rings the bell, users can communicate directly from their phones by speaking into their phone and channeling audio through the doorbell, and vice versa. The addition of quick responses (as mentioned above) further streamlines this interaction. The audio quality during these exchanges remains crisp and clear and as users explore the app, they will find the night vision function a noteworthy feature, allowing you to track activity at night, in low light conditions. Night vision (which can be turned on if you do not have a well-lit corridor), stood out, delivering vivid imagery at night, thanks to its spotlight and starlight sensor that enhances clarity in low light. The doorbell showcased sharp visuals with a 2K 5MP Live View on the Tapo app, even when night vision is not turned on.

Users have the option to mount the doorbell outside their door using the provided screws or the adhesive tape. For the screw-mounting method, the package provides a mounting template that can be adhered to the desired location. After drilling two holes as per the template’s guidance, two anchors are inserted into the drilled holes, and the bracket is then fixed over the anchors using the screws. Once the bracket is secured, the doorbell easily attaches to it.

The adhesive tape is the less tedious alternative and even after repositioning the doorbell a few times, the adhesive remained strong and securely held the device in place. The package also includes a 15-degree mounting wedge, granting flexibility in adjusting the viewing angle.

With a 160-degree diagonal perspective and a 4:3 live view, the Tapo D230S1 captures visitors from head to toe, compared to 16:9 doorbell cameras. The footage is clear at 15fps, holding its own in low-light areas like a corridor in a typical older HDB building, especially at night. Additionally, the Tapo app offers a spotlight feature in the Tapo app, enhancing night-time visuals. During the day, the live view offers better and clearer visuals. However, users might experience a slight lag in the live footage, something to be mindful of.

AI detection is increasingly sought after, and the Tapo D230S1 excels in this area. It smartly differentiates between people and vehicles. This feature ensures that passing or parking vehicles don’t trigger unnecessary alerts. However, expect prompt notifications whenever someone approaches your doorstep.

Throughout the testing process, several deliveries from Shopee and AliExpress were received. Notably, the Tapo app provided prompt alerts the moment a package was placed at the door, negating the necessity for updates from the delivery riders via WhatsApp or the dedicated Shopee and AliExpress apps.

Prioritizing user security, the Tapo D230S1 is equipped with an anti-theft alarm, ensuring users are alerted when there is an attempt to remove the doorbell. This provides a line of defense against unauthorised tampering or potential theft.

When activated, both the doorbell and the hub ring. While the outside doorbell produces a subtler sound, the hub inside the residence features a more prominent chime, ensuring occupants can clearly hear it.

Additionally, its IP64 rating promises the external unit some level of resilience against water and dust during rainy days, for those with exposed doors. The doorbell also features a removable battery that boasts significant capacity. With a battery capacity designed to last, it is recommended to recharge it only after 180 days of use. For ease of maintenance, a locking pin is included to detach the doorbell’s back and access the battery.

The Tapo D230S1 stands out with its impressive battery longevity, a key factor in its hassle-free maintenance. In practical use, the battery adeptly sustains its charge, displaying only around a 5 percent drop after roughly a week. This endurance is particularly beneficial for terrace houses in high-traffic areas, where the doorbell may frequently activate.

To further extend battery life, consider disabling motion detection during peak hours or utilising the power-saving mode. This mode cleverly shortens video length and dims the spotlight, activating automatically when the battery dips below 10 percent. For added convenience, it is recommended to invest in a spare battery to ensure continuous operation, which can be crucial for outdoor use where weather and usage can fluctuate.

The storage for the Tapo D230S1 is located on the hub, with the microSD card slot situated at its rear, capable of accommodating up to 512 GB. This configuration allows for diverse recording settings. The device can capture all movements via motion control or be set to record solely when the bell is rung. Each recording duration varies depending on the activity, and the quality is crisp with the device offering 2K 5MP resolution.

Alternatively, users can subscribe to the Tapo Care Cloud Services, which boasts unlimited storage and unique features. It comes with a 30-day free trial, allowing you to access your videos anytime, anywhere. Post-trial, the service starts at S$4.98 per month for a single camera with a 30-day rolling storage plan. Do take note that streaming videos on your phone directly from the cloud is generally more seamless compared to the microSD.

Yet, if you opt for a microSD, there’s no need for cloud storage though these added features are purely optional, but recommended for an extra layer of security outside your home.

Priced at S$125, the Tapo D230S1 offers incredible value, consistent with TP-Link’s competitive pricing strategy. In comparison, the Arlo Essential Video Doorbell Wire-Free, priced at S$329, misses out on certain features the Tapo boasts. Surprisingly, despite its higher price, the video quality of the Arlo doorbell isn’t as clear and crisp as the Tapo D230S1. Given the cost and feature set, the Tapo emerges as a compelling choice for those venturing into video doorbells.

In wrapping up, the Tapo D230S1 stands out with its remarkable video quality, intuitive AI detection, and stellar battery life. While setup could be streamlined, its vast features and competitive price point overshadow this minor hiccup.

For homeowners seeking a modern security solution without breaking the bank, the Tapo D230S1 is a commendable choice. It’s a product that undoubtedly punches above its weight, making it a top recommendation in its category. Opting for the video doorbell is also a smart move, particularly if you’re planning a long-term commitment to the Tapo ecosystem.

You may purchase it from Shopee or Lazada. For more information about this product, visit the TP-Link website.



The Tapo D230S1 Smart Video Doorbell Kit excels in stellar video quality, AI detection, and battery performance, offering top-notch security at an affordable price for modern homeowners.

  • Aesthetics - 7/10
  • Build Quality - 7.5/10
  • Performance - 8/10
  • Value - 8.5/10
  • Geek Satisfaction - 8/10