Slightly over 2 weeks back I was fortunate enough to take a peek at the upcoming Shell LEGO sets, now, I’ve been able to get my hands of the entire set! The 40196 Shell Tanker & 40195 Shell Station would be final two sets to be released so I thought it might beneficial for everyone to find out what they could expect.

Hulk smash Tanker!

Simple looking polybags conceal the awesomeness within. There’s just something about LEGO and the process of ripping polybag or boxes and putting the model together.

That’s a pretty big spanner there

Let’s get started shall we?


Note that the minifig does not have his Shell shirt printed on. Instead, like my previous review, all bricks have stickers instead. Probably has to do with cost more than anything.

Ooh, transparent!

I have to blame Marvel for my initial reaction to this piece. All I see here is Iron Man.

Putting the roof on!
Fill ‘er up

Overall the Shell Station isn’t something that I really could shout out hence the inclusion of the minifig, but the model is just the appetizer to the main course, the Shell Tanker!

Station built, it’s time to move on the the tanker!

The most interesting piece of the Shell Tanker. I haven’t built enough LEGO sets to be enlightened how often this brick appears.

It’s a 3 sided 4×2 piece that allows the eventual side panels of the to be latched on. Pretty elegant and brick efficient I must say.

Have I ever met you before?

I apologize for the lack of progress shots as I was overly enthusiastic to try and get the tanker though the station.

This was the first thing I tried after putting the tanker together – Maiden voyage!

Perfect height!

But alas it was too good to be true.

The curvature within the station prevents the last two studs on the top of the tanker from getting through the roof. But the issue can be easily remedied with another long 8×1 brick.

So close….


Overall, I really love this amazing series. This is corporate partnership done right. Score an exclusive LEGO set while pumping petrol means everyone walks away a winner.

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Short recap, with every $60 of Shell Fuel each model would cost:

S$5.95/model with Shell V-Power

S$8.95/model with Shell FuelSave 98, 95 or Shell Diesel

If you are looking out for the Shell Station, remember to visit your closest Singapore Shell Station (in real life!) from 24 October to 6 November 2014. Whereas for the Shell Tanker, pop in during 21 to 30 November.

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