Geek Review DualSense Edge for PlayStation 5

Geek Review: DualSense Edge for PlayStation 5

In the world of console gaming, having every advantage possible can easily determine victory and defeat, but while the folks over on Xbox have had their arsenal enhanced by the Xbox Elite Controllers, the PlayStation Nation has always depended on third-party solutions.

Until now.

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The DualSense Edge is Sony’s first high-performance, ultra-customizable controller developed in-house, aimed at providing the edge in gameplay, by inviting players to craft their own unique gaming experience tailored to their play style. It might look like a spruced-up DualSense controller, but this technological marvel packs plenty in both its hardware and software options.

Right out of the box, players will get the DualSense Edge wireless controller, a USB braided cable, 3 sets of caps for the analog sticks, 2 sets of back buttons, the connector housing, and of course, that sleek carrying case that even allows charging while keeping your new toy safe.

Geek Review DualSense Edge for PlayStation 5

In terms of customizability, the DualSense Edge lives up to the promise of bespoke adjustments for any play style. The three swappable stick caps deliver the right comfort (standard, high dome, low dome) with excellent grip and stability, and can be easily changed for every situation. Need additional inputs that are easily accessible? Tack on those back buttons and configure their inputs, so your fingers never have to get messy.

The triggers’ travel distance and dead zones can be adjusted to your liking as well, going from full presses to hair triggers, so players can enjoy faster inputs in competitive FPS games or enjoy a reduction of the dead zone for precise throttle control in racing games.

And the DualSense Edge retains all of the awesome bells and whistles that make its more original a big hit, and with the braided cable and connector housing, you are never going to worry about battery or losing your connection at the most demanding of moments. As for the worrisome issue of stick drift, this bad boy has the capacity for replaceable stick modules, which should prove extremely helpful in prolonging longevity.

On the software side, there is much to look forward to as well. The aforementioned remapping and deactivating of button inputs can come in handy for those requiring a certain setup, while your aim can be further fine-tuned by adjusting stick sensitivity and dead zones. Vibration intensity is also another option that can be changed to suit your liking.

Once those ideal settings have been found, players can then save them to unique profiles, and make every title more convenient to play with. The dedicated Fn buttons found below the sticks can make it easy to swap between profiles, adjust game volume and chat balance, or access the controller profile settings for rapid adjustments.

There is zero doubt that the DualSense Edge is the top-tier option when it comes to gaming on the PlayStation 5, but the question of whether it is worth it truly depends on your needs. 

The added buttons are always nice for those looking for more convenient or faster inputs, while the travel distance adjustments will make a big difference in shooters. Add to that the robust software customisation and how easy it is to actually switch its components around, and this makes the DualSense Edge a truly game-changing accessory. 

However, for S$295.90/US$199.99, that’s roughly half the price of a PlayStation 5 console,  it is a hefty investment for most of the general audience that is enjoying their console experience. Unless you are devoted to the types of games that will benefit from its customizability, or find added use for all the other features, it might just be a costlier DualSense controller that has a lower battery life, especially so when you are not plugging it in.

Geek Review DualSense Edge for PlayStation 5

This is a want more than a need, but for anyone looking to invest in hundreds of hours of intense gaming on the PS5, the DualSense Edge certainly makes sense if you are looking for the, pardon the pun, edge against your opponents and whatever challenges lie ahead. It is exciting that the PlayStation community now has an elevated controller experience available; just be ready to pay the price for such innovation.

The DualSense Edge will be available this coming 26 January.



More than just a plain old DualSense, the DualSense Edge is the top choice for players looking to elevate their gaming experience on the PS5, but it comes with a premium price that will likely see less early adopters.

  • Aesthetics - 9.5/10
  • Build Quality - 9/10
  • Performance - 10/10
  • Value - 7/10
  • Geek Satisfaction - 9.5/10