Geek Preview Do Try Stranger of Paradise Final Fantasy Origin, It Might Surprise You

Geek Preview – Do Try Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, It Might Surprise You

It has taken a while, but in just a short while, the curiosity that is Team Ninja and Square Enix’s Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin will finally be in the hands of players around the world. This different take on the acclaimed role-playing series is certainly an acquired taste, mixing in elements of more action-oriented combat and much more challenge involved. The new demo is a great taste of what is to come, and should be your first stop if you have your doubts.

Combat in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

Aside from being able to experience the starting few areas of Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, Square Enix has made it even more enticing, with progress being able to be brought to the full version of the game. On the quest to defeat Chaos, every little bit helps.

Expect plenty of exposition, which is par for the course considering the source material, as you learn more about the protagonist Jack and his allies, which include Jed, Ash, and Neon joining after. Each holds a crystal, supposedly indicating their role as the prophesied Warrior of Light, and it is this belief that kickstarts the party’s journey. If you were a fan of the first Final Fantasy, Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin will give you even more food for thought.

The game is broken up into different dungeons rather than a persistent overworld, which can be a stark departure for those expecting a more traditional affair. Gone are the living, bustling towns and locations of old, and in come a mechanical map that acts as your base of operations. Players can choose their next quests, outfit themselves, or engage in the smithing system and chat with townsfolk in a more detached manner.

That is not the only change, which extends to the combat part of Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin, with combo moves and active participation key to survival. 

The job switching system is also a big feature, allowing for Jack to change his style of combat depending on the situation at hand. Perhaps some enemies are more susceptible to melee attacks from the Swordsman or Pugilist jobs, while others should be taken out with magic courtesy of other jobs. Each path has its own progression and levelling system, with the game rewarding consistent use with more perks and even more advanced jobs up for grabs.

Plenty of loot in Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin

The switch to the more involved nature of combat will definitely appeal to different sets of audiences, as will the increased challenge. The game has been likened to a Souls game, but it is probably more forgiving than FromSoftware’s past games and even the recent Elden Ring. There is also much more loot than one is used to, requiring players to constantly be checking their gear to keep up with the demands of the dungeons.

With three different difficulty modes to choose from, including a more casual Story mode which allows players to worry less about survival and enjoy the narrative, it is clear Square Enix is not keen on alienating any of its old fans. 

Just like the first time we saw the game, Stranger of Paradise: Final Fantasy Origin is holding true to its values as a spinoff that is comfortable in its own skin. Even if it is fleshing out the tales of the characters from the first Final Fantasy, it is essentially telling a story of its own using mechanics that specifically takes advantage of the expertise of those from Team Ninja and Koei Tecmo.

While the game is not reinventing the wheel, it provides a good look at the history of the roleplaying series and attempts to add something new. Whether it will work out in its favour remains to be seen, but there is enough here to suggest that fans and newcomers should give it a try before making a decision for themselves. 

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