Gamescom 2018 – Saints Row: The Third Heads To Nintendo Switch

Where the announcement for the latest Shenmue III’s release date was expected, a Switch port for Saints Row: The Third definitely threw the gaming community a curve.

In an unexpected move by publisher Deep Silver, the beloved open-world was unveiled at Gamescom 2018 to be heading to Nintendo’s current-gen console, with a vague release window of “next year”.

First introduced into the market in 2011, Saints Row: The Third brought players in a world of zaniness and great, logic-defying fun, so it’s only good news that the experience is carried over to a newer platform.

The decision, however welcoming, does come across as peculiar, though. With Saints Row 4 being the latest installment of the series and also receiving astounding reception, one’d have thought it to be ported over to the Switch instead.

Still, we’re not complaining. It’s always satisfying to indulge in the adult theme park that’s Saints Row: The Third, and more information is set to be on the horizon.

The Switch port for Saints Row: The Third is planned for a release in 2019