Fragment Design x Pokémon Clothing Collection Set To Launch In Dover Street Market Singapore

Following its launch at last year’s HYPEFEST, Hiroshi Fujiwara’s Thunderbolt Project is set to arrive at the designer clothing store Dover Street Market.

The Fragment Design x Pokémon collection will be arriving at all DSM branches in Singapore, Los Angelos, New York, Ginza, and Beijing, and will feature DSM exclusives like t-shirts, and hoodies.

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Though without a doubt, the star of the Thunderbolt Project will definitely be the key chain sized version of the highly popular Thunderbolt Project Original Pikachu mascot, which will be available for purchase for the first time, and sees the adorable yellow electric Pokémon taking on a darker grey colour scheme.

The sale of the Thunderbolt Project merchandise will kick off on April 6, with a special pre-release at Dover Street Market Ginza. Fans can expect the collection to arrive at the other DSM stores shortly after.

According to Thunderbolt Project, the availability of the DSM exclusives with vary with each shop. The date for the collection to arrive at Dover Street Market Singapore is tentatively set to April 20, with prices starting from S$80 onwards.