Fourth ‘My Hero Academia’ Film Teaser Reveals New Villain Dark Might

Class 1-A is back in action in the fourth My Hero Academia film teaser trailer, and the young heroes are up against their worst nightmare; a corrupted version of their mentor and symbol of peace, All-Might going by the alias Dark Might. My Hero Academia The Movie: You’re Next also released an accompanying visual along with the trailer.

Following the events of the anime, the city is in shambles after the Paranormal Liberation War that has made citizens distrustful of heroes. A mysterious giant fortress suddenly appears, swallowing up towns and people one after another. And in front of Izuku and the others, a man who looks like a “symbol of peace” stands in front of them, introducing himself as Dark Might.

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my hero academia film

We also see a shadowy group of new antagonists in the trailer, and it looks like the odds are stacked against Deku, Bakugo, and the others, who tackle this new threat head-on. The movie will have an original story that takes place between season six and the upcoming season seven,

Will Deku and the gang be able to rise above the odds and defeat Dark Might? Stay tuned to find out when the fourth My Hero Academia film releases on 2 August 2024 in Japan.