F.EAST Makes Rendang Crispy With Their New Beef-Flavoured Chips

Remember when a certain host on a certain cooking show lambasted a contestant for not making the chicken in their chicken rendang (spicy red meat dish) crispy, enraging virtually the entire Malay Peninsula?

Well, irony is a funny thing, as the folks from the very same area have come up with a (ridiculously tasty) new invention: Beef Rendang Potato Chips.

Beef Rendang F.EAST 1

The masterminds behind this curious new concoction are none other than F.EAST, a homegrown snack manufacturer in Singapore. These fine folk have entrenched themselves in the market by producing some sumptuous potato chips, infused with the flavours of local Singaporean cuisine.

For those who are fans of the traditional spicy, fragrant beef stew, you can expect just about the same amount of spicy kick with just one chip. You also get all the tang and pungent punch of the beef, without any of the stringy tendons. Not a bad tradeoff.

Beef Rendang F.EAST 2

Prior to Beef Rendang, they’ve come up with the likes of Hainanese Chicken Rice (the actual dish of which is a staple among many Singaporeans), Laksa (another Singaporean delicacy), and Egg Prata with Fish Curry.

Beef Rendang F.EAST 3

Good news to any beef fan (and have no beef with trying out something new); the F.EAST Beef Rendang Potato Chips are now available for purchase now at any 7-Eleven outlet across the island, as well as online on RedMart, at an affordable price of S$2.95.