Director Greta Gerwig Is Now Ready For A ‘Barbie’ Sequel

Greta Gerwig, the acclaimed director behind the Oscar-nominated phenomenon Barbie, is now considering a sequel.

In a recent conversation with Deadline, Gerwig expressed a newfound openness to the idea, stating, “I’m not dismissing it, I want to do it.” This marks a significant shift from her previous stance. Despite earlier reservations, the success of Barbie has evidently made the prospect of a follow-up more appealing to her.

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“I’m not dismissing it, I want to do it.”


Barbie, which Gerwig directed and co-wrote with Noah Baumbach, emerged as a box office titan and a critical darling in 2023. It earned nine Oscar nominations, securing a win for Best Original Song. This achievement has sparked discussions about a sequel. Initially, both Gerwig and Margot Robbie, the film’s star and producer, seemed hesitant about extending the franchise.

However, at Vanity Fair’s Oscars after-party, Gerwig conveyed to Deadline’s Baz Bamigboye her current openness to Barbie 2, clarifying that she now harbours “no resistance” to the idea. While Gerwig is intrigued by the potential of continuing Barbie’s story, she admits to still contemplating the best approach for a sequel.

Before any plans for Barbie 2 materialise, Gerwig has commitments to Netflix’s The Chronicles of Narnia reboot. She’s slated to direct the initial two films of the beloved fantasy series. With pre-production in its budding stages, filming is not expected to begin until late 2024 or early 2025. This timeline suggests that any work on a Barbie sequel would occur after her obligations to Narnia.


Margot Robbie’s involvement is crucial for Barbie 2 to proceed. Known for her perfect portrayal of Barbie and her role in bringing the film to fruition, Robbie’s stance on a sequel remains uncertain. Despite Gerwig’s newfound interest, the path to Barbie 2 is still filled with discussions and decisions involving key players like Mattel, Robbie, producer David Heyman, and Warner Bros. Discovery.

Barbie captivated audiences with its humour, depth, and visual splendour, grossing over US$1 billion worldwide. While fans and industry insiders ponder the possibility of a sequel, Gerwig’s focus remains on her current projects. As discussions about Barbie 2 continue, the anticipation builds for what could be another landmark entry in the Barbie saga.