Diablo Makes A Glorious Return To PCs On GOG

“Stay a while, and listen.”

This week, GOG has made the original Diablo available for purchase on its website at US$9.99. The 1996 classic action RPG has defined a generation and a genre of gaming, enthralling many fans over two decades with its isometric top-down gameplay, which gets progressively more challenging and rewarding at the same time.

Its sequels, Diablo II (2000) and Diablo III (2012), have since carried on the torch for Blizzard Entertainment‘s beloved franchise, with the former being critically-acclaimed for its improved gameplay and story, and the latter ushering in a new generation of fans with current-gen consoles.

This updated edition of Diablo features online matchmaking on Battle.net, allowing you to take to the bloodied streets of Tristram with friends, instead of going at it alone. Also, it features high-resolution support for current-gen PCs.

So if you’re “Fresh Meat!” to the original Diablo, now’s your chance to experience the game that started it all.

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