Diablo IV Teases Mephisto's Return In Vessel of Hatred Expansion Coming In 2024

‘Diablo IV’ Teases Mephisto’s Return In ‘Vessel of Hatred’ Expansion Coming In 2024

The lands of Sanctuary are never safe from demonic invasions, but for Diablo IV, there will be a familiar face that will be paying a visit in 2024 with the new expansion, Vessel of Hatred. As announced by Blizzard at Blizzcon 2023, more content will be coming to its flagship ARPG franchise, and players will once again face off against Mephisto in some form or another.

As the name of the expansion suggests, the Lord of Hatred will play a key role, as well as the region of Kurast, which will be making a return from Diablo II. More importantly, there will be a brand new Diablo class joining in the fun, one tat has never been seen in the franchise yet.

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Beyond these details and the menacing voiceover from the trailer, Blizzard is keeping everything else under wraps. However, for those intent on finding out more, recent datamines have pointed to some interesting things about Vessel of Hatred. As expected, there will be a continuation of the main plot with new questlines, gear, and even new endgame activities.

As for the class, speculation about a Spiritborn class is rife, together with a mercenary system like before where NPCs could join the fight with players against the hordes of evil. While all of these may be true at this time, we can expect things to change in the coming months as Blizzard continues to work on the expansion.

Diablo IV Vessel of Hatred

For now, we can contend ourselves with the fact that Vessel of Hatred will arrive in Diablo IV sometime late next year, and enjoy the vampire-themed content that is currently live in the game.