Deckbuilder ‘Slay The Spire 2’ Hits Early Access In 2025

As it turns out, pouring hundreds of hours into building decks and battling monsters was only the beginning. Slay the Spire, the wildly popular roguelike that inspired a generation of digital deckbuilders, is getting a sequel, due to enter early access sometime in 2025.

The upcoming title was announced with a teaser video at the Triple-I Initiative showcase, which shows the return of the Ironclad and Silent classes. A brand-new character will also be joining in on the fun — the Necrobinder, officially described as “a wandering lich who seeks to bind the forgotten corpse. Calls up on her trusty left hand, Osty in combat.”

“The Spire isn’t what it used to be,” reads the Slay the Spire 2 Steam page. “All new enemies, events, and treasures await as the rooms and items you discover change each time you play… Try risky builds or play it safe as you explore countless different strategies, find yourself in peculiar scenarios, and confront the Bosses of each Act.”

Alongside the trailer, developer Mega Crit Games dropped a first look at several gameplay screens as well. Check them out in all their stylistically-familiar glory below:

First released in 2019, Slay the Spire follows a warrior cursed to repeatedly ascend the floors of a vast vertical city in an attempt to destroy its beating heart. Along the way, players will have to fight various monsters, gain and upgrade cards, make important decisions, and obtain powerful relics — all after choosing a character/class. This innovative blend of roguelike features, turn-based combat, and deckbuilding has turned it into an indie darling with a large fanbase.

Notably, Slay the Spire 2 will be built on Godot, a free and open-source cross-platform engine, instead of the originally-planned Unity. The decision came after Unity’s announcement of a controversial new fee structure last year that was later overturned.

The sequel hits early access in 2025, with more information expected to come “later this year”.