Days Gone 21:9 Ultrawide PC Gameplay On The RTX 3080 Looks Good And Plays Like A Dream

Days Gone will be coming to PC on 18 May 2021. We had the chance to play the game, enhanced with improved graphics, native support for 21:9 ultrawide monitors, mouse and keyboard controls, along with all post-launch content.

There’s even an unlocked frame rate option so you can have up to 500 freakers (zombies) on screen at once, which is a nice way to stress test that new rig of yours.

Do check out the options menu right at the start of the video above. We took our time with it so please do enjoy!

Not too long ago, Sony also released the PS4 exclusive Horizon: Zero Dawn on PC, as well as Death Stranding. Perhaps we’ll see God of War hit the PC sometime in the future too? Who knows.

Days Gone is available for pre-order now via Steam and Epic Games Store.