Closed Beta Sign Ups Now Open For KARTRIDER: DRIFT

It’s time to go Krazy again! One of the biggest games from a decades-old franchise, Kartrider, is revving its engine, and making a return. KARTRIDER: DRIFT is the latest title from Nexon Korea’s long-running online arcade franchise, Crazy Arcade, and will arrive later this year for PC and Xbox One. A second closed beta for the both versions of the game (CBT2) will commence on 4 June, with pre-registrations beginning on 14 May.

Closed Beta Signs up for KARTRIDER: DRIFT
Registration Period: 14 May (11:00 GMT+8) – 1 June (10:00 GMT+8)
Closed Beta Test 2 Period: 4 June (07:00 GMT+8) – 10 June (21:00 GMT+8)

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Back home in Korea, KARTRIDER’s popularity reached phenomenal heights, drawing a massive player base of 28 million players locally, as well as a global cumulative of 380 million players since its launch in 2004. That’s about one in 20 people in the world playing KARTRIDER. As such, it’s only fitting that a new mainline title will be released for its 15th anniversary. 

While KARTRIDER: DRIFT retains most of the hallmarks of mainstream arcade racers out today, what sets it apart from the competition is that it is free-to-play, which instantly makes it more accessible to gamers. And in the spirit of current-gen gaming trends, it also supports cross-play for PC and Xbox One, just in case you were wondering whether you could race with friends on other platforms. Additionally, KARTRIDER:DRIFT will be released globally, including CBT2, so folks can get in on the fun early.

Additionally, returning players will be entreated to a variety of new content, including new tracks, customisation features for both characters and karts, shown off in the franchise’s best-looking graphics yet.

For newcomers (or newcomers-to-be), KARTRIDER’s mechanics are extremely beginner-friendly, with only the arrow keys, and the Shift, Ctrl, and Alt keys coming into play. Each racing track is also built for quick, fast-paced action, so players – and spectators – can enjoy the thrill of biting asphalt without losing focus.

The kart-racing title features licensed models based on real life cars as well that are developed in collaboration with various automobile companies, so car enthusiasts can look forward to some of the more unique themed designs. Plus, the game’s visuals are really cute and family-friendly, so it’s great even for kids.

As a multiplayer game, KARTRIDER: DRIFT features two main game modes for multiplayer: Speed Mode and Item Mode. A Speed Mode is all about zipping across the finish line in record speeds by way of time-based cues while players drift, while an Item Mode offers a wide variety of usable items that either grant players certain buffs, or debuffs at the expense of opponents. These multiplayer modes can be played in teams of two or four, which allows for a more team-oriented racing experience.

Of the two multiplayer modes, Speed Mode is what would appeal most to competitive drivers looking to test their skills. The skill-based affair is certainly no easy feat, but that’ll only lead to sweeter, more satisfying wins.

There are two additional game modes in single-play. Racing School consists of tutorials which allow new players to familiarise themselves with the game’s controls and mechanics, such as drifting and using items. By completing these missions, players can earn licenses by grade, which unlocks the next set of missions. There is also Time Attack, which pits players against their own previous best record, in the form of a shadow which they’ll need to beat for practice. We can’t talk about KARTRIDER: DRIFT without mentioning the game’s signature feature: drifting. As its namesake suggests, getting the best out of your kart (and your opponents) is with every successful drift. Doing so fills up the N2O bar on your screen, which boosts your speed when full. Learning when to drift properly is key to winning any race in, well, Drift.

Other interesting new features include extensive customisation for players, with a vast array of karts and characters to unlock and choose from. Again, folks who had previously played similar types of games will see this as a familiar feature, with the ability to race with a host of cute and unique characters as one of the highlights of any KARTRIDER game.

Just to sweeten the deal a little more, players who participate in CBT2 for KARTRIDER: DRIFT can get limited-edition rewards in time for the grand launch. You definitely don’t want to miss these exclusive items!

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