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Netflix Bursts ‘The Bubble’ On Fake ‘Cliff Beasts 6’ Film For 1 April

Did you hear about the upcoming movie for Cliff Beasts 6: The Battle For Everest? We didn’t until last week. And no, we haven’t heard of its prequels 1 to 5 either.

On 2 March, Netflix released a trailer for Cliff Beasts 6: The Battle For Everest. Its cast includes Karen Gillan (Guardians of the Galaxy), Pedro Pascal (The Mandalorian), David Duchovny (The X-Files), Keegan-Michael Key, Leslie Mann, and Peter Serafinowicz.

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Here, you can watch how they get menaced by cliff beasts (whatever that is).

The truth is, this movie doesn’t exist. Or at least, not in the traditional sense.

That trailer is a tease for another movie, The Bubble directed by Judd Apatow. In this comedy, the cast is stuck inside a hotel in 2020, attempting to film a sequel to an action film about flying dinosaurs during the pandemic. The film is, of course, called Cliff Beasts 6: The Battle For Everest.

Here is the actual trailer for the real movie, The Bubble.

The Bubble premieres on Netflix on 1 April. Hopefully, it’ll be filled with a little more straightforward laughs and less confusing plotlines.